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Trust & Professionalism

The Private Investment Group, Inc. believes in adhering to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in the advice we provide our clients.  It is our practice to place the client’s interest at the forefront of every recommendation made, transaction initiated and outcome delivered.  In our experience, many firms in our industry have failed to consistently apply this most basic principle.  We understand that if we focus on the clients needs, our company's success will naturally follow.  Our fees are based on a percentage of managed assets rather than commission on products sold to clients.  

The Benefits of Independent Investment Advice

As registered investment advisors we have a vested interest and a fiduciary responsibility to protect our clients.  This includes properly diversifying their portfolios with a level of risk that is appropriate for their individual circumstances.  We have broad access to the financial markets and are able to search this universe of financial products and services in our effort to deliver an optimal investment mix.  We represent you, the client, not the institutions with which we may select to do business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our combined 80+ years of Investment Management and Financial Planning experience to create beneficial long-term relationships with our clients.  We do this by striving for superior performance that is below market risk, in attaining our clients’ goals and objectives.